About Us



Founded in 2014 Victoria’s Arctic Fashion (V.A.F.) is an up and coming design label which fuses traditional northern garments and accessories with a modern style. Started by Victoria Kakuktinniq, V.A.F. has already established itself Across Canada as a Parka brand favourite in the North. Victoria has showcased her designs at Paris Fashion week, Newyork Fashion week, and Toronto fashion week. She is also the Winner of the 2015 Nunavut Trade Show Business of the Year Award. V.A.F. designs are sold throughout Canada and Greenland. With a unique look, that embodies Inuit traditional parka design with a focus on sustainability and the use of traditional fabrics, furs and skins.   


The creator of V.A.F., Victoria Kakuktinniq, is an Inuk woman, born and raised in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. She has always been deeply immersed in her Inuit Culture. Victoria has been fortunate to be raised by a line of strong, Inuit Women. Growing up she was surrounded by seamstresses. Her mother, grandmother, and sister all used their traditional knowledge of sewing to make beautiful handmade traditional garments for their family to help keep them warm in the harsh Arctic climates. Victoria was always so inspired by these women and felt compelled to follow in their footsteps. .Following a traditional sewing course in Rankin Inlet, she knew she had found her passion and soon after enrolled at MC College in Winnipeg, where she would prefect her craft in the Fashion Design and Apparel Production program. Victoria gained notoriety there for her form fitting parkas, with signature embroideries. Soon after completing the program, Victoria returned to Nunavut and created Victoria’s Arctic Fashion where she has become a change maker in the modernization of the Traditional parka.